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Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses a Few Pointers to Move Expensive Goods

All families have certain items that they cherish above all others, like Grandma’s fine bone china, Grandfather’s old piano, the expensive painting hanging behind the couch, and so on. When moving to a new home, there is always a chance that such expensive things may suffer damage in the process. Hence, extra precautions must be taken in packing, transporting, and storing such valuables. One can always seek out assistance from moving professionals like Safe Ship Moving Services as well.

Safe Ship Moving Services lists a few tips for moving valuable items

Moving can be quite an adventure. Over time, one may collect many expensive items at their home, which have to be relocated as they move. No one wants to lose irreplaceable items during a move. Hence, it is important to be strategic about packing and moving expensive items so that they arrive at the destination in a single, undamaged piece. Here are a few tips that people must follow when moving valuable items:

  • Invest in the right boxes: Much like any other task, packing valuables is a job that requires appropriate tools. Special flat-screen TV boxes, for instance, are available today that have padding to keep the screen safe. Even if these boxes may seem expensive, using them is better than having to get a new TV in case the old one gets damaged in transit.
  • Put dishes side-by-side: Many families have expensive dishes, which are not easy to pack. In addition to getting the right box, it is also vital to have an adequate amount of padding to keep the plates safe. Dishes should be packed in multiple layers of paper and then fit in the box on the edge – not flat-side down. This would lower the chances of them getting damaged if something bumps the edge.
  • Get help for the big stuff: Moving pianos, chandeliers, 500-pound safe and more to a new home can be a huge headache. They may require special dollies, wooden crates, and a team that knows how to handle them properly. Hence, it is prudent to hire a moving company like Safe Ship Moving Services which has the expertise and supplies needed to move expensive, heavy goods.
  • Consider custom crating for fragile items:Β  Getting custom built wooden crates would be a good idea for transporting particularly delicate or valuable items like artwork or sculptures. Such crates offer maximum protection and stability during transport.
  • Use tape smartly: Tape can help keep paintings or mirrors intact during a move. One should try to put a big X with masking or painter’s tape on anything under glass. Doing so can prevent the glass from shattering during the move.
  • Opt for climate-controlled storage if necessary: In case there is a delay between moving out and moving into the new location, it would be a good idea to use climate-controlled storage facilities for items sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, such as artwork or musical instruments.

One must communicate openly with the moving company about the nature and value of the items being transported. Specific instructions must be provided to them before hand, and any concerns or special handling requirements for the goods should also be discussed.

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