BenQ PD2705U


A high-quality monitor that provides you with an amazing viewing experience for multiple tasks. It is the Ben Q PD2705U. Popular for its innovative features and stylish design.

Its high-quality resolution, accurate, and consistent color reproduction. This monitor is suitable for general design tasks of graphics designers, photographers, and other creative professionals.

Ben Q’s latest launched monitor, the PD2705U, is the cheapest in the DesignVue series. 

This monitor is known for its frameless design and is packed with many latest and trendy features. The stunning display quality and upgraded color accuracy are some of the features that make it an amazing choice for professionals looking for multi-purpose displays.

Let’s look into a few of its features in detail:-


Popular for its sleek display, the monitor comes carefully packed, which makes it safe for transport. Its accessories come in a separate box filled with layers.

The user-friendly stand can be adjusted per the required height, tilt, and swivel.

High display quality makes for a stunning experience to look at the sharp, bright images.

Features for eye protection have been introduced in this monitor series. Brightness intelligence plus technology to automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen.

The main highlight of this monitor is its color accuracy, which makes it worth buying. The higher the color gamut, the more images the monitor can display.


A multi-monitor setup is possible. For example, if you want to connect an iPad and a Macbook, with a single keyboard and mouse for every device.

  • Multi-tasking made easy

This device is ideal for multitasking and comparing documents and images side by side. 

Simultaneous display of documents from various sources side by side is made possible with its high-class technology. It is exceptionally suitable for graphics designers and photographers, offering optimized options for better animation and video display. The display can be customized as per color preferences. Color display options are available for accurate color consistency.

Ben Q has been well known for providing a lot of innovative features at quite a reasonable price as well. They are known for making their product look classy and stylish while being the best at performing their job. The Best BenQ PD2705U is a good example of it. Monitors like these are likely to interest all sorts of people from different working backgrounds.


The overall package that this monitor offers, which includes the design, latest features, and value for the price, makes its performance very good and a must-buy for all professionals. 

Check out the prices at , where you will get your desired product at an affordable price. Currently available at a price of Rs. 45,060, this monitor will unleash your level of creativity and productivity.

The high level of precision that the display offers, using authentic colors and consistent luminescence, makes it worth the price.

Ben Q PD2705U is an excellent monitor that offers amazing performance with its modern and unique color system. Enhance your level of creativity with this best-in-class monitor.

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