Draw A Fancy Letter W

How to Draw A Fancy Letter W Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter W. In this manual, we will concentrate on the twenty-third note of the alphabet: the note W. Statistically, it’s a pretty average letter in terms of how often it occurs in words.

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It’s also a relatively easy letter to report, as it looks like two letters, V glued together. While writing may be easy, learning to draw can be difficult.

This is especially true for the fancy letter W, which we cover in this guide. It might not seem easy with all the details and flourishes we’ve added, but we’re here to make it easier!

In this guide, we’ll go over six steps to break it down and make it much easier for you. Next, look at ways to decorate the letter with paint and other additions.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter W

Step 1

If you were writing a capital W as usual, make the lines as straight as possible.

However, in this guide, we will take a different approach. We will not draw a single straight line in this whole project.

Still, it might be helpful to draw a regular letter W anyway. This should be done with a pencil and may look just like the regular letter W you write.

Even though it looks different than the final product, it will still help you represent the shape of that letter as we add more detail.

Next, we will add the first part of this design. A few spirals will be added to the design, the first of which we’ll add here.

First, draw a loose spiral shape with a pointed tip in the middle. Try to get it as close to our example, as the angle will be critical later.

This spiral then twists outward and to the right. Then, it falls off quite snappily, forming the front of the left side of the message.

Step 2

The letter W has three tips at the top, no matter what style you draw. This is particularly true of this point, and now we will highlight the other two points.

You’ve already drawn the first one, although it’s much more rounded than the pointed tips in this step. We’ll start this step where we left off last time.

Draw a slanting, wavy line where the previous line ended. This ends at a sharp point at the top, where it drops again until it ends in a sharp drop.

Then, like last time, it rises again, ending with another sharp peak at the top. Finally, tilt it back down to create the third point of the letter.

It might seem like a roller coaster ride with all those ups and downs, but it’s not as complicated as it seems!

Now that we have completed the top part of the letter, we can start adding the bottom part in the next part of the guide.

Step 3

This third step of your patterned letter W should be more accessible than the previous one as we complete the outline.

The emphasis is placed on the lower base of the letter. We start with the line on the left where it ended and extend it downhill.

It ends in a sharp peak at the bottom and climbs steeply into another winding slope. This line also ends with a pointed tip.

Again, we go diagonally down until we have another pointed tip at the bottom of the letter. Eventually, there will be a small gap between this line and where the line previously ended on the right side.

This can be completed with another line. Step 3 is another step that may seem more complicated than it is.

Now that you’ve completed this step, you no longer need to use the pencil guide we suggested in step one. If you have used this notice, it can now be deleted.

Now that the outline is complete, we can add internal details to make your letter even more fancy.

Step 4

In phases 2 and 3, we had some stripes with many twists, which sometimes got tricky! Therefore, we want this fourth step to be pleasant and relaxing.

You should follow our reference images closely in the previous steps, but feel free to add your ideas here as well.

In our example, we will show you just one of the many ways you can decorate this letter W. We’ve decorated it with a series of wavy lines throughout the design.

This is an easy way to add more detail and life to the letter, but many other ways exist to fill the interior space.

You can try any ideas, from simple lines to shapes and other details.

Once you’re satisfied with how it examines, we can add a few final small touches to the outside of the letter before adding color.

Step 5

We’re almost ready to add color to this excellent design, but need more details. As mentioned in the previous step, these focus on the outside of the letter.

We first drew a small spiral line emanating from each point of the letter. It’s so simple, but it already adds life to the drawing!

By the way, we’re not done yet! For example, we added some small leaf shapes to the bottom right spiral.

Next, we drew a series of dots of different sizes around the upper sections of the letter. These details were included primarily as examples of the details you can add.

You can move them, change them, or add your details! So why not add something to the background?

This can be simple shapes, different letters, or a few simple colors. We will go through some wallpaper ideas in the final sections of this guide, so let’s move on.

Step 6

We hope you’re ready for some coloring fun because, in this step, we will bring this awesome letter W to life with some paint!

In our reference image, we chose to color the letter light green to make it stand out on the page. If you like the look, add a similar color to your version.

Otherwise, you should use the colors of your choice! Mix some of your favorite colors to make this picture look extraordinary.

We’ve already mentioned that you can fill the background with colors, which can be a great way to add even more punch to your letter design.

Using a different art medium for the background than the letter can also create a fantastic contrast!

Your Fancy Letter W Drawing is Finished!

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