Kuari Pass Trek: Witness the Himalayan Panorama


Kuari Pass Trek is a marvelous trekking and Hiking destination. Kuari Pass Trek offers you Adventurous trail and gorgeous peaks. During the summer season this place gets filled with lush greenery, vibrant flowers and scenic landscape. Winter season offers snow capped mountains and glaciers. Kuari Pass Trek is for all the nature lovers. Situated in the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, Kuari Pass Trek is endorsed with amazing views.Β 


Best things to do and places to explore during Kuari Pass TrekΒ 

  • Panoramic Himalayan viewsΒ 


  • Entire Kuari Pass Trek offers you fascinating views of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Chaukhamba, Trishul and Dronagiri Himalayan peaks.Β 
  • In the winter season these peaks seem very gorgeous due to snow and glaciers deposition.
  • Garhwal Himalayas has dense forests and lush greenery for all the nature lovers.
  • You can watch out for amazing sunrise and sunset views from these great giant mountains.Β 
  • Garhwal Himalayas has beautiful valleys and hills for picnic and camping.

  • Kuari Pass summitΒ 


  • Reaching the Kuari Pass Trek peak at an altitude of 12,516 Ft. ( 3,820).Β 
  • Standing on this great peak you can glance at wonderful panoramic views of nature and gorgeous landscape.Β 
  • You can relax and enjoy under the blue sky and talk with the clouds in the winter season.
  • Experience hiking in the winter season endorsed with snow capped mountains and glaciers.Β 
  • Capture some amazing pictures and selfies.Β 

  • Enchanting Campsites


  • Kuari Pass Trek situated in the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas offers you gorgeous grasslands for camping, picnic and relaxation.Β 
  • Camping in the alluring Alpine meadows surrounded with blooming vibrant species of colorful flowers during the summer season makes your entire journey even more blissful.
  • You can also enjoy fun activities while camping with a bonfire and delicious meals.
  • You spend some time stargazing under the beautiful sky and pleasing climate.

  • Rich biodiversity


  • Kuari Pass Trek is filled with beautiful rich biodiversity including lush dense forests of oak and rhododendron.Β 
  • You can watch out for exotic species of flora and fauna and hear melodious voices of different bird species present in Garhwal Himalayas of Kuari Pass Trek.
  • During the rainy season you can witness gorgeous waterfalls and river streams.
  • Kuari Pass Trek can be an extremely beautiful experience for all the nature lovers.Β 

  • Local culture tradition and villages


  • You can talk with the locals of the Kuari Pass and Garhwal Himalayas and seek to learn something about their culture and rich tradition of the place.
  • Learn about their lifestyle and warm hospitality.Β 
  • All the tourists can acknowledge the art of the local people of Garhwal Himalayas.

  • Scenic landscape of Auli hill stationΒ 


  • Β You can explore the vibrant landscape of Auli, a popular ski resort known for its pristine beauty and gorgeous surrounding of mountains.Β 
  • Auli is a gorgeous Hill station in Garhwal Himalayas popular for its adventurous activities and Sports.
  • You can enjoy cable cars , skiing and watch out for amazing panoramic views of the hill station.

  • ManaΒ  village


  • Explore the Mana village which is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
  • You can enjoy shopping for some vibrant crafts and clothes made by the locals of Garhwal Himalayas.
  • You can explore the tasty eateries, restaurants, cafes and dhabas rich with delicious meals with mouth watering flavors.

  • Gangotri , Ganga river temple


You can explore this beautiful Gangotri Temple which is among the Char dhams in India.Β 

  • Gorson BugyalΒ 


  • Gorson Bugyal is very popular for its beautiful green pastures and pleasing Climate for peaceful time, lush greenery and rich climate.Β 
  • The place is surrounded by denseΒ  Coniferous forest and gorgeous oak trees.Β 
  • You can enjoy camping and picnicking here.Β 

  • Hiking and skiing


  • Hiking and skiing are very popular adventurous activities to do in Kuari Pass Trek in the winter season.
  • Male your way through the beautiful glaciers and snow mountains.
  • Enjoy making snow mam and play fun activities in the snow.

  • Tali LakeΒ 
  • Tali Lake is a very gorgeous Lake located amidst the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas.
  • You can enjoy sitting on the banks of this pristine Lake.
  • You can do photography and enjoy fishing as well.
  • Nestled in the Himalayas, Tali Lake offers alluring landscape and panoramic views.

  • Deoria TalΒ 


  • Deoria Tal is yet another gorgeous Lake located in the Garhwal Himalayas that comes during Kuari Pass trekking.
  • This Lake is very popular for its extremely beautiful blue waters.


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