Gifted Grandeur: Wholesale Rigid Gift Boxes Collection

Rigid boxes or set-up boxes tend to be a popular style of packaging which is often connected with luxury merchandise. These boxes are usually not printed on directly. They possess a wall thickness which is nearly four times more than an average folding carton. The boxes get wrapped in paper according to what the customer prefers, i.e. something that is simple or something that is luxurious. Wholesale rigid boxes are strong and durable due to their structure. The packaging is used to package different goods like perfume, electronic devices, beauty items, etc.

The following explores the rigid packaging collection:

Strength of boxes

This packaging is made so that it is sturdy enough to keep fragile and luxury products secure during transportation and also when in a store. The packaging is easy to assemble allowing its transportation to be convenient.

The toughness along with high-strength qualities of the packaging is famous. The material used to make the box gives it durability, like the chipboard of the boxes that has double sidewalls allowing it to be tougher and also stronger.

When these boxes are made, heavy-duty paperboard or even chipboard gets chosen due to its toughness along with stiffness. You can for instance get cardboard luxury rigid boxes. Machines get employed to make the selected material into certain sizes. Creases get made along the edges so that the folding will be easier. After this, the cut as well as scored paperboard gets folded on the creases so that the shape of the basic box can be made. The sides will be brought together. Glue or tape gets used to hold this in place.

It is possible to make the boxes stronger by including additional reinforcements such as corner protectors for instance. The outer area of the box will be covered using different materials, such as paper or fabric. The coverings may be plain or can be decorated using fancy finishes, like embossing.

Different style boxes

These boxes are able to be made in different styles. This will be according to the product’s compatibility. Typically the packaging only has two primary components, i.e. the top plus the bottom. The packaging is available in various forms, like square, triangular, rectangular, etc. The box types are often characterized according to the kind of lid utilized.

The following are some options present in the collection of custom luxury rigid boxes:

Telescopic lids

This type will have a lid which totally encloses the packaging’s base and so is referred to as the Full Telescope box. An example of this includes chocolate boxes. There is one that has a lid which will be over only a part of the base and so is referred to as the Partial Telescope option. An example of this is the Classic Shoe box.

Hinged lids

This includes the one where the hard box lid tends to be permanently fastened. It remains closed due to gravitational forces or by using a magnetic strip or some ribbon binding. Items which are meant to be used often and kept within their original boxes in between their usage are best for this packaging.

Magnetic closure box

This type of box is popular and exudes luxury by its look and the way that it is made. Magnetic printed luxury rigid boxes are very popular and give the customer an amazing opening experience at the time that they open and close these boxes.

The packaging includes two magnets and a snap sound gets made when the box closes shut. Products like expensive jewelry can be placed in these boxes.

There are the usual magnetic closure boxes that are strong and more stable. You can get the collapsible ones as well. These will include tape upon both sides allowing them to stick to the collapsible areas of the box which limits further collapse.

Book style

Another packaging type in this category includes the book style boxes which look like a book. The boxes will open in the same way that a hardcover book opens and will show the product within the box. High-end stationery, special gift sets, etc. will look good in these boxes.

Drawer style boxes

These are the slide boxes which open like matchboxes do. The customer will have to pull out the inner box using the tied ribbon present or the thumb hole. The ones which are able to open horizontally are preferred as they are safer because accidents are more possible with the ones that have vertical openings.

If you are aiming to give a good impression to someone with gift packaging, luxury rigid packaging is an option to consider here. The packaging is able to securely and safely fit in your product and allow it to show the receiver that you aim to provide high-end luxury products which are of a good-quality. You can choose the best packaging from the collection of boxes available in this category allowing you to have perfect boxes for your products.

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